The Home Health, Hospice, and PSA Agencies in North/South Carolina Need Our Help

To our IAHHC Membership, our friends in the industry need our help!
Please see the email below which is forwarded from Tim Rogers, President and CEO of the Association for Home and Hospice Care of North Carolina.
Please help as you are able.

Cindi Wessel, Home Health and Hospice Resource Director, IAHHC

We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to donate to the Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Fund for Home Care & Hospice Employees. In just one week, we have raised almost $6,000. We will begin distributing funds tomorrow, but the work continues. The applications for relief are continuing to pour in, as some are just now able to return to their home town and assess the damage. Some have lost absolutely everything. It is imperative that we maintain the momentum of sharing info about this fund to colleagues, friends and family members in the Carolinas and across the country. We’ve received donations from all over and will continue to distribute funds as long as we have the means to do so. If you are able, please consider a donation of any amount.

100% of ALL ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS are being borne by the Association and the Foundation. 100% of your donation (tax-deductible) comes in, and 100% of your donation goes out. Applicants do NOT need to be employees of an AHHC member agency (but must work in home care and hospice) to apply for relief.

Here are a few of many examples of the heartbreaking stories being shared with us through these staff applications:

“I have lots of interior water damage from the roof down into my 2nd story through to the garage and 2 upper rooms with roof and some floor damage as well as mold. Insurance company has been contacted, I have 3200.00 deductible I cannot afford. I have so far over 40 hours of lost wages lost food and personal items. I am already 1 house payment behind because I had to use that money to evacuate. I am a single mom of 3 younger kids and receive no child support or any other assistance. With current situation I am in jeopardy of losing our home by not being able to pay all the bills. Things were financially tight before the storm and now I am in dire financial need…”

“Our pump house is fully submerged, so we are unsure of the extent of damage at this time as the water has remained standing during this time. There are structures under my home that have been submerged in water for days. Our electrical box to our septic tank is fully submerged, so we are unsure of the functionality of our septic system at this time. We have tools in a building that has been waste deep for days that will need to be replaced. My husband has also incurred lost wages x 7 days.”

“I evacuated and used my Whole paycheck for evacuation purposes. I have a bank statement to show for hotel use gas eating, etc I have a loss of Food and just need a little help to carry me into the next pay term. My car is Flooded, I do believe and I have a $500 deductible.”

“My home was flooded and is a complete loss which has displaced me, my husband and 2 children. We were only able to save children’s clothes and a few personal items. We are living with my parents until we can return.”

“During Hurricane Florence my 3 children (twins 1, son 8) and myself lost our home/ food and all personal belongings during the storm. Lord Help Us.”

“My home is less than 1/2 mile from the inter coastal way. I evacuated on September 11th. The only family I have is in Minnesota. So I packed my twins and my dog and drove to Minnesota. It took me 4 days, as I don’t have anyone to help. I just got back today, and have 2 weeks of income loss and an immense amount of cleaning up to do. I rent my home, and my deductible for a claim is more than my lost items are worth!”

Please continue to spread the word. To share, simply forward this email, or use the URL You can share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your agency websites.
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