Accurate Coding: Improve Reimbursement, Reduce Time to Authorization

Improved OASIS Integrity, 5 Star Rating and Home Health Compare Scores

Identify Areas Slowing Review Process along with Staff Education & Score Improvement Opportunities

Why Us?

At First Choice OASIS and Coding Specialty, our vision is to be the vendor of choice in providing quality coding and OASIS integrity review with the outcome of improved reimbursement and streamlined internal review processes allowing your organization the time to focus on direct patient care, improving patient outcomes and decreasing acute care hospitalization rates.

We want you to breathe easy knowing you have expert resources supporting your agency. With the home health and hospice industry in constant evolution, your staff has so much to keep up on and still provide the best possible patient care. Whether you outsource your coding and OASIS review to us or utilize us for consulting and education, our expert staff can help improve the clinical accuracy of your coding and OASIS documentation so you can submit it right the first time, speed time to RAP and reduce risk of RAC audits, ZPICs, takebacks, denials, or underpayments.

Result: your agency’s financial health stays strong and your nurses can focus on being expert caregivers.


Fast, Accurate Turnaround

Maximum Reimbursement

OASIS Integrity & Accuracy

No Long-term Commitment; No Minimums

Certified RN Coding & OASIS Review Specialists

Free Trial

  • Fast, Accurate Turnaround  Guaranteed 48-hour turnaround with times currently averaging less than 24 hours.
  • Maximum Reimbursement Accurate coding improves reimbursement, decreases time to RAP and improves Star Rating and Home Health Compare Scores.
  • OASIS Integrity & Accuracy Our monthly report cards will allow you to identify internal review process issues that need adjustments to ensure you can; 1) improve OASIS integrity 2) identify areas that delay time to RAP and 3) yield improved patient outcomes.
  • No Long-term Commitment; No Minimums Small to medium agencies struggle to meet minimum requirements set by other coding and review companies. Medium to large agencies with in-house coding and review often need extra help with a high volume of review to ensure quick turnaround. We’re here to support agencies of all sizes with our “No minimums. No long term commitments” ideology.
  • Certified RN Coding & OASIS Review Specialists Our Review Specialists are seasoned, licensed RN’s who have worked in the Home Healthcare industry and gone on to obtain advanced Certification in Coding and OASIS Review; and do regular updates to stay current in rules and regulations, and maintaining their certifications.
  • Free Trial We’ll review three charts for Coding and OASIS Integrity for free so you can give us a try and we can learn about your agency. This will aid a smooth transition if you choose to partner with us.

Additionally, we log into your software system keeping the data within your secure EMR. We’re experienced with multiple software systems including but not limited to: Kinnser, Home Care Home Base, Cerner, KanTime, Healthcare First, Axxess, Homecare Solutions, Allscripts and Soneto.


  • Jon and Lisa have been long term contributors to the home health care world, by each serving in a variety of roles and settings. Because of the multiple hats they have worn, throughout the years, they can assist with OASIS and Coding services confidently. They strive to work with those that are certified, maintain certification status and thus, can provide assurance to the client served that the work is accurate. They know the home care world well and are honest and reputable in their decision-making. The services they provide are a true reflection of their integrity as professionals. I would select their services to meet these needs any time!

    Gayle Bland
    Administrative Home Care Associate
  • I have worked with Jon and Lisa within the home healthcare business for over 5 years. During that time they have continually shown me how driven to succeed at helping home health agencies become successful and improving time to RAP, assuring accurate coding and how important it is to know about the accuracy of OASIS. They always want to know how to do it better and more efficiently.

    S. Sims
    Administrative Home Care Associate
  • Jon has worked his way through the business, starting as a case manager, and worked at nearly every desk within the agency at one point or another. He has worn many hats and learned many aspects of the business over the years. It has always been a desire of his to develop the business to be better, to become more. He loves to always want those numbers to look better. I would always want him on my team when providing any service related to home health care.

    Home Care Co-worker